Lorelei Women’s Dress Blog Tour Day 5

Yay! Today is Friday and I have 3 more bloggers you just have to go see!

Today, we have  Erin from Crafty Biggers, Emily from Lady and The Gents, & Jennifer from Growing Family 1

First up is Erin!

Hi everyone! I’m Erin and blog over at Crafty Biggers. Things are pretty crazy in my world and sewing is my passion and my sanity. I started teaching myself to sew when I was 9 and fiddling around with troll clothes. I started sewing clothes for my oldest when she was 1 but I didn’t start sewing clothes seriously until I discovered the awesomeness that is PDF patterns. I started a blog just over two years ago to document my crafting journey and have enjoyed making friends along the way. It wasn’t until this year that I really started sewing for myself. I don’t fit well in off the rack dress so I figured sewing for myself would be next to impossible. Amazing designers like Elizabeth showed me how painless sewing for myself could be. This dress is timeless and gorgeous and looks just as beautiful all dressed up with tulle underskirt and all like this version I made as my Easter dress during testing.
lorelei1 - Copy

or cool and casual in a great knit for a super comfy dress that looks great.

I’d love for you to stop over and take a peek around my little slice of the internet.

Next is Emily!

I am wife and SAHM to 1 little lady and 2 gents!  I FINALLY taught myself to sew last April, after failing miserably at my first attempt 4 years ago.  I am smitten with all things crafty, I love a good bargain, and I live for fashion!  Sewing allows me the creative outlet to incorporate all the things I love into an article of clothing that is unique and fits me like a glove!  I started out sewing just for my munchkins, but quickly realized how much fun it is to sew for myself!  If I’m not at my sewing machine, you will likely find me reading a trashy romance novel(yup, the cat is out of the bag) with a glass of wine or a margarita!

Check out her version here.


Lastly, we have Jennifer!

My name is Jennifer Bryant and I am a stay at home mother of 5 kids. I have been sewing off and on since I can remember. Only just in the past year have I begun to test patterns and really have a passion for sewing. I’ve sewn purses, for my kids and for myself. I’m fairly certain my daughter will pass me up in sewing skills. She’s 9 and sews wonderful items. My other kiddos enjoy sewing as well. It is a joy and a privilege to pass the love and art of sewing onto the next generation.

Here is her Lorelei.

10271558_10152770437316978_2620133303223360001_n - Copy


Yay! That was all the wonderful bloggers!  If you missed any you can check them out below.

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I am also doing a discount of $3.00 off the Lorelei Women’s Dress Pattern in my Pattern Shop using coupon code: blogtour. Last but not least you can enter to win a free copy of the Lorelei Women’s Dress Pattern below (if you purchase first then win, I will refund your money)! There will be 3 winners!

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Keep in touch!

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