Lorelei Women’s Dress Blog Tour Day 2

Lorelei Women’s Dress Blog tour Day 2!

Today we have Ula from Lulu & Celeste and Darcie from Mimi’s Mom.

Ula blogs over at Lulu & Celeste where she shares the clothing and other fun things she sews. She sews mainly for her two girls, “Silly Bean” and “Baby V” and sewed her first dress for herself just a couple months ago. That dress was the tester version of the women’s Lorelei dress. Go here to see what she did to it!


Darcie blogs at Mimi’s Mom, because she admires alliteration and adding other two kids to the name would just be awkward. A lifelong crafter, she posts about her adventures in sewing, pattern design, and recipes when inspiration strikes. She was inspired by the classic lines and petticoat to go very vintage with her Lorelei look.  Go here to see what she did!


Be sure to stay tuned to see the rest!

Lorelei Blog Tour Schedule-01-01

June 2nd: Fabulous Home-Sewn & Friends Stitched Together

June 3rd: Lulu & Celeste & Mimi’s Mom

June 4th:  Sew Starly & Mama Lusco

June 5th:  PiePie Designs, Two Novembers, & Friends Stitched Together

June 6th:  Crafty Biggers, Lady and The Gents, & Growing Family 1

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  1. Thanks for having me, Elizabeth! This was a fun dress to sew up. Can’t wait to get to wear it for something other than blog pictures!!

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