Lorelei Girl Dress and Doll Dress Pattern Testers


While I’m still doing the last minute finishes on the Lorelei pattern, I wanted to show you what my AWESOME testers created with the Lorelei pattern.

First up, is Emily from Lady and the Gents.  She tested the 6 month size on her tiny little cutie!  How cute is this dress….can you believe she made this out of Target sheets?!?

1459050_746952495328460_1388836872_n 1902042_746952485328461_496205287_n 1978675_746952505328459_530105447_n

Next, is Lisa from StubbornlyCrafty.  She also tested the 6 month size on her 4 month old!  Look how cute…

loreleilorelei 3

Here’s Allison dress that is did for her daughter out of the 12 month size.  I love the springy fabrics!

1780882_891402999863_219095460_n copy 10012438_891403109643_652900509_n copy

Ula from Luluandceleste.BlogSpot.com also tested the 12 month size on her baby girl.  So sweet.

ebeth02 copy 1146571_10153844748690136_1174991613_n copy

Marlene tested the 12 month size too.  Look at her out and about in her dress.

1969343_10203695074603794_1424462078_n copy

Brianne from AliCatCo and her facebook page, she made two!!!  She made the 2t size for her younger daughter then her older daughter wanted one too!!!  So, she made the 4t size for her without the petticoat for a more casual look and used an invisible zipper.

1900096_10104283268188090_191697963_n copy 923163_10104283268193080_361874987_n copy 1925349_10104304306517110_1763789147_n 1901414_10104304306482180_220781079_n copy

Laura from PoshFoxBoutique made the size 2t.  LOVE the fabric combination on her cute daughter and she took a picture of the hidden petticoat that makes this dress have the most fabulous twirl.

1962645_793245168791_89383715_n copy 1653985_793245203721_1731701479_n copyDSC_0015 copy

Jaime from www.jaimejohnson.com and etsy shop,  tested the size 2t too!  Her daughter looks fabulous and I look the dress with the purple accents!

LoreleiCurtsy_JaimeJLoreleiSide_JaimeJ  LoreleiBackSun_JaimeJ

Heather from AllThingsKaty, tested the size 4t for her daughter and look how cute she is and that perfect bow!

Front Back

Savannah made this beautiful dress out of the Michael Miller Glitz fabrics that will be back in my shop next week!  She made the size 5 and the colors look so good with Ava’s beautiful reddish hair :).

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Zura from SewRetroChic, made the size 7 for her daughter.  So pretty!


Karly from Paisleyroots, made the size 8.  The dress is stunning in black and white.

1 copy2 copy

Kelly from HandmadeBoy, made the size 10 and it is just stunning!

1979890_10201689860671562_757004189_n 1488191_10201690705972694_1980868323_nIMG_1699web IMG_1770web

Shawna made the size 12 and she added a cute little lace to the bottom 😉

1495284_10202995715270822_1906139161_o 1932475_10202995715070817_1044757841_n 1899628_10202995715470827_713577890_o copy

Glenda also made the size 12 too!  She made it with Michael Miller’s Pastel Pop fabrics that are in my shop 🙂  The blue look amazing on Hazel!

hazel2 copy hazel1 copy

Cameron made the 18″ doll pattern.

photo 1 copy

And last but not least Savannah made a matching doll.

ava copy

I want to say a big THANK YOU for my amazing testers and their awesome feedback.  Most loved learning new techniques like understitching and blind stitch hemming and so amazed at how simple to was to make the petticoat and it’s amazing twirl factor!

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Lovely comments

  1. Brianne from AliCatCo’s size 2T was my favorite. I love how she cut the fabric! It makes the dress almost look like it goes up in the front. I’d be making a dress for my very picky niece, so I’d probably go with a solid color with a bold highlight in neon color- that’s what she’s into right now.

  2. I would love to make a red, white, and blue Lorelei Dress for 4th of July! I think it would be so cute with a Blue fabric with white polka dots for the main fabric and red fabric for the accents.

  3. What beautiful dresses! I love the first one the most. I have so many lovely fabrics, that i’m not sure which ones I would choose to make this dress out of first.

  4. I LOVED Shawna’s dress. The first design that comes to mind for me would either be an aqua and red colored dress OR doing one with a tone on tone lace overlay. Great pattern.

  5. Where can I get this pattern?

  6. What a pretty dress! They are all great but I love Emily’s version – I love how she used Target sheets! For mine, I’d use some fabric from my stash for my 4 year old. Probably some roses.

  7. My favourite would have to be Savannah’s dress made with Michael Millers ‘Glitz’, just looks so nice.

  8. Maria Rivette says:

    First one is my favorite! Not sure yet what I’ll use but maybe RB red riding hood! 🙂

  9. Fran Graham says:

    Love the design. I love classic looking dresses with twirl!

  10. These are both precious!!!

  11. I love this dress. My favorite is the blue eyelet one. Id love to do a yellow eyelet but make the tulle a few inches longer so it sticks out 2 our so inches. And the tulle in grey, my friend is doing a grey and yellow wedding in August!

  12. I love the one made out of the Michael Miller Glitz fabrics. I would make one out of some fun, colorful Art Gallery fabrics with a tie and probably without the petty coat for my 9 year old daughter.

  13. Louwisa Chairez says:

    I love them all, but my absolute favorite is the very first one! Such gorgeous fabric, with the shades of gray, red, and orange. I have a whole stash of fabric to choose from, so I’m sure I’ll make several!!

  14. Sarah Rust says:

    I really like the size 2t done by AliCatCo! The cherry fabric is so adorable! I have an eyelet fabric that I would love to use to make this dress for easter 🙂

  15. Do I have to chose a favorite not sure I can, but if I have to chose one that makes me go back to it more then others it would probably be Savannahs glittery glitz dress. I have this beautiful peachy orange fabric with white daisy’s all over it that I think would be perfect for this dress.

  16. Natasha Heimberg says:

    Lorelei dress and I would use tulle and cottons in purple for my daughter.

  17. Jennifer Callahan says:

    I love that pink with gold polka dots fabric! I really like the neck line of this dress. Something all my girls would wear, even my picky preteen.

  18. i love how it suits both the teenies and the bigger girls too!! I have a gorgeous easter fabric this will be awesome for 🙂

  19. Linda Harris says:

    I love Savannahs and the fabric she choose, Oh my. I would have to locate that fabric to make one.

  20. I love that Michael Miller Glitz one! I have no idea what I’d do for fabrics if I made one!

  21. Helen Moore says:

    I love the one with “The perfect bow”. I’m not sure what fabric I would use. I need to take the nieces shopping for their choice. Thank you for a wonderful give away.

  22. So many fabulous choices! But the one that grabbed me was the mint eyelet one!!

  23. I just bought some Michael Miller Mirror Dot fabric in black that I’d love to use for this pattern!! Especially like the first dress in the orange dot fabric.

  24. I like Jamie’s 2t. That fabric is so pretty. I would and will make my first one out of some peach eyelets I have had for a while with a lace sash.

  25. All of these dresses are beautiful, I would do a serious stash raid to choose something uber pretty to make one of these, then cross my fingers and offer up some prayers when I got to the zip part 😉

  26. I’d make a disney frozen inspired dress with this pattern! Love it!

  27. Deana W. says:

    I love the Jamie Johnson version, it’s so bright and cheerful!!

  28. I love Savannah’s version! So cute! I would let my daughter pick the fabric.

  29. Gudrun Yr says:

    I cant choose between the one Emily from Lady and the Gents made and the one Heather from AllThingsKaty made, they are both gorgeous! Id use either polkadot fabric or stripes 🙂

  30. Jaime’s dress is my favorite! I love the purple accents! I have the perfect white and turquoise floral fabric for this dress!

  31. Stacy Alfano says:

    I love the dress made out of the glitz fabric! I have some and would live to make my own dress out of it!

  32. Julia Perucca says:

    I ♥ the size 10 made by Kelly from HandmadeBoy, it is really stunning!! I would use cotton, black, purple, acqua, pfff

  33. I loved them all! I think I would make one in a pretty lightweight floral fabric

  34. Jenny WH says:

    I loved Emily’s version. I think I’d make one in navy eyelet

  35. i would LOVE to make a car patterned size 5 for my daughter!

  36. I love both the AliCat designs 2T and the PoshFox dresses, cuz I’m a sucker for little girls in pink, poofy dresses! They’re all adorable though! I would use some of the cottons from my stash to make one of these….and a matching doll dress!

  37. Emily’s version is pretty awesome! Love the doll dresses, too! I’d make a 5 & a 12 and doll dresses for my girls!

  38. jennifer says:

    very sweet pattern

  39. They are all incredible but I really love Emily’s dress and the matching doll dress.

  40. Stacey Doyon says:

    I love that first one made out of the Target clearance sheets, though it could have a little something to do with that adorable face 😉 I’d make one each for my 3yo and 6yo girlies, hopefully out of something I already have in my overwhelming stash.

  41. Very pretty has a bit of a retro feel which I love

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