Freezer Paper Silhouette Stencil – A Kid’s Project

Today I want to show you a cool, easy project that your kids can help you with and you can cherish forever!

IMG_9278 copy 3

This project is so fast and easy, trust me!

First, take a picture of your child (or person you want to make a silhouette of) at their side view.  Like below.

IMG_9245 copy

Take that picture and open it in your silhouette cameo software.  Find the trace button and trace the image.  First picture below shows the settings I ended up using that had the best outline and I hit trace outer edge. Second picture, I added her name and flipped it horizontally.

class project class project 2


Now that the image is ready to cut, get your freezer paper.  Cut your freezer paper 12″x 12″ and place on the cutting mat with the shiny side up.  Send the image to your cameo and set your cutting preferences to copy paper.  When the machine is done, pull the freezer paper off the cutting mat.  Iron the freezer paper to a piece of fabric that is at least 12″ x 12″ or bigger, with the shiny side down.   Let your child paint it using fabric paint.

IMG_9254 copy


Now just let it dry a little bit and peel the freezer paper off.  You can staple the fabric to a canvas to hang or it could be a square for a quilt!

IMG_9277 copy

The freezer paper makes it have nice and clean lines!

IMG_9278 copy 3

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