(Free!) Trick or Treat Bag Pattern

Do you want to be the most awesome mom or grandmother?!?  Of course you do!  This is a free pattern to make you own personalized trick or treat bag!!


3/8 yard of top fabric

3/8 yard of bottom & lining fabric

1 yard medium-heavy interfacing

1/2 yard fusible fleece

1 piece of plastic canvas (they come 8 1/2″x 11″)

22″ cotton webbing



* top fabric cut 11″ x 25″

* bottom fabric cut 4″ x 25″, cut 2 of Trick or treat bag pattern piece, and cut lining 8″ x 25″

* interfacing cut 11″ x 25″, 4″ x 25″, 1 of pattern piece

* fusible fleece cut 11″ x 25″, 4″ x 25″, 1 of pattern piece

* plastic canvas cut 1 of inner pattern piece

* 22″ cotton webbing


1.  Iron fusible fleece to the wrong sides of top fabric, bottom fabric, and 1 of the pattern pieces according to manufacturer’s instructions.  Then iron the interfacing to the fleece on the same three pieces.

2.  ~OPTIONAL~ applique your design or name to the top fabric.  To center it, put sides together then from that spot go up 3.5″ inches from the bottom because the top has 3 extra inches to fold down.

3.  Sew top and bottom together using 1/2″ seam allowance, right sides together. Then, topstitch 1/8″ from the seam on bottom fabric with seam allowance towards bottom fabric, for more professional look.

4. Sew the side seam 1/2″ with right sides together.

5.  Fold the pattern piece with the fusible fleece and interfacing in half widthwise and mark the center.  then, fold in half lengthwise and mark the center.  Do the following for the bottom of the bag you just sewed up. Like picture below. Then pin together and sew with 1/2″, then set aside.


6.  Take lining piece sides right side together and sew 1″ at top and 1″ at bottom, leaving it unsewn in the middle.

IMG_6318 copy

Then, mark lining piece into quarters and lining pattern piece just like you did for the outer piece.  Pin and sew 1/2″.

IMG_6301  It will look like the bottom piece is too big on the edge but at the 1/2″ seam allowance it fits.

7.  Take your cotton webbing and staystitch 3/8″ at the top edge of outer piece.  Like picture…


8.  Lay the plastic canvas in the bottom of the outer layer.

9.  Take lining piece and put outer piece inside of it with right sides together and sew 1/2″ around the whole top edge.

IMG_6320 copy

10.  Top stitch the top edge with seam allowance towards lining with 1/8″, like picture.


IMG_6322 copy

11.  Stitch up the hole in the lining.  Like picture…


12.  Then put lining inside the bag.  Measure the top fabric 3″, that is how much will go inside the bag.  Measure and pin around the whole top edge, then topstitch 1/4″ around the top edge including handle.

13.  Last step.  Press, Press, Press!!

TA DA!!!


The top fabric you can find here, and bottom fabric here

READ THIS FIRST: This file is intended for PERSONAL USE ONLY.  Please respect my wishes for the use of this pattern. Thanks!

You can print the pattern piece here, Trick or treat bag pattern piece.

Finished size 10″H x 9″ W


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*DISCLAIMER* This is a pattern and it requires basic knowledge and experience working with patterns and craft knowledge.  Pattern was designed with an expectation that the buyer has basic understanding of working with patterns.




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Lovely comments

  1. I am a little confused on closing up the bottom can you help clarufy I didnt see it in the instructions.

  2. Can’t wait to make this!!!

  3. Thank you

  4. Bridget Hurst says:

    I have been so confused with the liner and the bottom peices!! Does anybody have any input to help??

  5. Bridget Hurst says:

    Ok step number 6.. Which is the top and which is the bottom?
    Then on step 9.. You put the outer piece inside the lining? I don’t understand?? So, the lining will be unfinished at the top right? Then you will have a stitch line going across the midway of the bag if you sew around the top edge., hope this makes sense!

    • ebethdesigns says:

      On step #6 at the side seam only sew 1″ at the top and bottom of the side seam, leaving the rest of the seam open for turning. On step #9 Yes, you put the outer piece into the lining, right side together and sew 1/2″. That will finish the outer and lining top edge. Then you pull the outer piece through the lining and sew up the lining side seam. Let me know if this makes sense.

  6. Bridget Hurst says:

    Wish I could post a pic on here to show you where I’m having trouble.. So the outer piece is the outside of the bag, correct?

  7. Bridget Hurst says:

    Ok thank u

  8. Had so much fun making these!!! Love how they turned out!!

  9. Im a little confused tonight,, In the cutting instructions it says to cut bottom fabric, and the size, then it says also in same line, cut 2 of pattern piece, and cut lining 8 x 25. what does it mean cut 2 of pattern piece?

  10. Im finishing my bag & slightly confused on step 10. I sewed the lining to the bag, am I suppose to stitch around the top of the bag & then fold inside 3? Then stitch the top again? Hope I’m not being confusing.

    • The stitching on step 10 is just to make it look nicer and to keep the seam allowance in place. Then you fold it in the 3 inches and topstitch. Does that make any sense?

  11. Yes, so I’m top stitch in both steps correct?

  12. I’m not quite sure how to under stitch it since the bag is turn right side out now.

  13. Right, I’m just trying to figure how you do that if all the pieces are together & the only opening is the hole in the lining. Are you only working with that small area to maneuver the bag so you can top stitch? Or maybe I did something wrong?

    • That’s correct. You should be able the stitch all the way around with that small opening. You will probably need to stop a few times to readjust the bag to do so.

  14. Amanda Kelley says:

    I am very confused on step 5. I’ve read it over and over and cannot put it together. What piece are we working with in this step? The outside piece that we just worked on in previous steps? ( I think the switch up of fabrics is confusing me more than anything. I’m a visual person).

    • You are sewing the pattern piece (circle shape) to the outside piece you just worked on. Yes, i plan to change out these pictures with good diagrams but havent had the time, sorry.

    • You are sewing the pattern piece (circle shape) to the outside ouece you just sewed on. I plan on replacing the oictures with better diagrams but i havent gotten to it yet, sorry.

  15. Good evening ebethdesign, I am attempting to pull the outer piece through the open seam of the lining but when I do the outer piece ends up being wrong side out. I will tell you that I used Duck fabric and with the interface and fleece it makes it a bit difficult to turn, but still shouldn’t be turning inside out. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks so much.

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