(Free!) Cat Ears and Tail Pattern and Tutorial

Well, Halloween has come and gone but I’m just now finding the time to post this.  Brie wanted to be a black cat this year, so I happily obliged.  I was just so happy she didn’t want to be Elsa like everyone else!  I still would have done it BUT I’m glad I didn’t have to!  Since I was doing all the work anyway, I wanted to share with you the patterns I made for this costume.



I made the skirt out of seguins and petticoat tulle using Violette Field Threads Ellie Skirt.

I found “cat print”  leggings at target.

I got a plain long sleeved black shirt and with my silhouette cameo, I found a cat image online and had it traced and cut out of the seguin fabric I had left over.  I used this technique for the tracing.

I made her “paws” out of black minky using my free glove pattern

The only things left to do were to make ears and a tail!!!

For the ears, I found a black headband at the local craft store.  I used black minky for the back of the ears, the black seguin for the front, and pink minky for the inner ears.  You will also need interfacing, heatn’bond, and a hot glue gun.

This is the pattern to cut out the ears.  Cat Ears

Cat Costume Illustrations-01

Looking at the diagram above:

Cut 2 for the front ears for outer ears

Cut 2 for the back ears for outer ears

Cut 4 of the interfacing for outer ears

Cut 2 of heatn’bond for outer ears

Cut 2 of the inner ears

Cut 2 of heatn’bond for inner ears

Iron the interfacing to the front and back ears, then sandwich the heatn’bond in between the front and back ears (wrong sides together).  This will leave you with two black ears.  Iron the remaining heatn’bond to the inner ears, then iron them on top of the front ears.

Cat Costume Illustrations-02

Place the ears like picture above and hot glue them down to the head band.  You’re done with the ears!!!


For the tail, I used black minky, black elastic, and stuffing.

This is the pattern for the Cat Tail

Cut 2 of the pattern (1 mirrored).

Cat Costume Illustrations-03

Sew 1/4″ around the tail leaving the end opened.

Cat Costume Illustrations-04

Turn it inside out and stuff the tail with regular stuffing.  Then, with seams touching, sew together using 1/4″ seam allowance.

Cat Costume Illustrations-05

Measure your child and cut your elastic 2 ” shorter.  Overlap ends together 1/2″ and stitch down using a square and X inside.

Cat Costume Illustrations-06

With the tail curled upward, put the elastic over the end of the tail and stitch down.

Cat Costume Illustrations-07

It should look like picture above AND you’re done!!!



And because she was so cute, here are more pictures of the black cat costume.

IMG_9470 IMG_9477


And her mean cat faces….

IMG_9503 IMG_9508


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  1. Sarah Helene says:

    FAB BLACK CAT COSTUME FOR HALLOWEEN! Brie looks so cute in the outfit you’ve created. Thanks for sharing the photos plus the simple patterns for the cat ears & long tail. Face make-up is “spot on”! Bet she had lots of FUN at her parties. Sarah in Minneapolis

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