DIY: Clothes Labels with the silhouette cameo

Today I want to show a cool, neat way to label your child’s clothing with the silhouette cameo.

My daughter just started 3k and I wanted to make sure all her clothes for school were labeled with her name so that if anything happened and she needed to change clothes, they would know these were her clothes.  I also have been addicted to my silhouette cameo and the endless things it can do….so I thought labeling her clothes with vinyl would be the perfect solution.  This also would be a good idea if you had kids in daycare too or kids going to camp!

IMG_8797 copy 2


First, find a cute, fun font!  I found this cute font called im invisible, it was a free download but it is for personal use only.  You would need to contact the designer if you wanted to use it commercially.

Then, figure out the size you need.  After looking at all her uniforms, having her name 1″ wide worked best.

Then, copy the name, making it go across the page so there is no wasted vinyl and make a couple of rows.  I made about 30 labels.

Then weed the vinyl out.

*Remember this is heat transfer vinyl.  The labels need to be flipped and the vinyl needs to be loaded with the shiny side down.

IMG_8760 copy

I found that after weeding the labels, the weeded part was really cute too and saved them to use as labels too.  ***Bonus labels!***

Now all that’s left is to iron the labels on!  With a press cloth, press the label onto the clothing for about 10 seconds.

IMG_8791 copy

I used a small iron because I had it but any iron that gets hot enough with work!

Then, peel the plastic coating off.

IMG_8790 copy

Put the press cloth back on the label and press again for another 6-8 seconds to make sure it is on securely.

IMG_8791 copy

That’s it!  Now you have custom labels that are cute and custom!

IMG_8772 copyIMG_8792 copy

I had one sweater that I had to put the label on sideways but it still worked!

IMG_8782 copy

I also should mention that for the labels that were the weeded part, I took the clear plastic that I just peeled off of the other label and stuck it into the weeded label like below.  I did this to help the label stay nice and flat when pressing it on the clothing.

IMG_8785 copy

I peeled the clear plastic off and press it again like the other labels.

IMG_8788 copy

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