Beachy Keen Bikini/Tankini Testers

The Beachy Keen Bikini/Tankini Testers did an amazing job and I can’t wait to show you what they did! The Beachy Keen Bikini/Tankini comes in sizes 6 months-14 and 4 different views.

Beachy Keen Bikini Line drawing-01

In size order…

Emily from The Lady and the Gents did the 6 month size Fringe Bikini Top and Skirt Bottom.

10553649_818471291509913_7540663733153288497_o 10556915_818471678176541_474107800496669806_o10516796_818464538177255_2072295899416446789_n



Becky made the 12 month size with the Fringe Bikini Top and Shorts Bottom.

10351576_10203304565606498_1944869858819582563_n 10535644_10203304564566472_312491720224445470_o 10553308_10203304565166487_6400115438202089533_n

Stacey made the 18 month Flounce Tankini Top and Shorts Bottoms

10450613_10154446375580707_5207786821870420660_n 10492270_10154446375120707_6459318997247294608_n

Tara also did the size 18 months in the Flounce Bikini Top and Shorts Bottoms


Jennifer from Jenny Pancakes made the size 2 in just about every view 🙂

10539127_10204574443783322_4993810806491344133_n10557399_10204551128000442_3485669825680397485_n10354893_10204574443863324_5093608764811977102_n 10431562_10204551128160446_2848490641988382627_n   10557455_10204574443823323_2496887716954947072_n

Kimberly did the size 3 and 8 in almost every view too!


Savannah made the size 4 in several views too.

DSC_0200DSC_0196  DSC_0219 copy DSC_0236 copy photo (5)

Starly from Sew Starly made the szie 4 too with the Fringe Bikini top and Skirt Bottom.

10497999_10152384709689584_4649034308063125765_o 10514585_10152384709769584_6088653594533894467_n10495303_10152384709784584_1137092782853118807_o


Karen made the size 4 in the Flounce Tankini Top and Shorts Bottom.

10433784_1505146096366919_6534508649796276791_n 10476594_1505146089700253_1699023166180187447_o 10497476_1505146109700251_5733990530909515126_o 10502204_1505443953003800_7193827078193781631_n 10557426_1505146199700242_4966324621262089361_n


Tammie made the size 5 in the Flounce Bikini Top and Shorts Bottom.

10403386_10202339597277933_4256324966930260139_n 10514715_10202339596877923_1079326820243824540_n


Marlena made the size 6 Fringe Bikini Top and Skirt Bottom

10495012_10152531711697570_2748399188041010708_o 10551527_10152531711602570_6416917769832645193_o 10557374_10152531711557570_1978624087378458972_n


Essence made the size 7 in the Flounce Bikini Top and Skirt Bottom.

1623676_10152179986571965_831579829505088074_n 10548877_10152179986566965_7504236200919964517_o


Jenny made the size 8 in the Flounce Tankini Top and Shorts Bottom.



Mary made the size 12 in the Flounce Bikini Top and Skirt & Shorts Bottom

*Note that the shorts has been lower in the older sizes

10502287_897257880288162_5895343718799309574_n 1525518_897257906954826_4097996602862523899_n10556494_897258070288143_9181141767545394626_n


Jane also did the size 12.  She did the Fringe Bikini Top and Shorts Bottom

*Note that the shorts has been lower in the older sizes

10494526_10203729658154616_7358447089113690765_n 10541457_10203729657914610_4218140638071316096_n

Tracy from TL Custom Creations made a size 14 Fringe Tankini and Bikini top and 12 Shorts Bottom

*Note the tankini has been lengthen and shorts are slimmer

Document Name_BeachyKini Document Name_BeachyKini_1 Document Name_BeachyKini_2 Document Name_BeachyKini_3


Lastly, I made the size 3 for my daughter and the size 14 for my cousin’s little girl.

IMG_8509 IMG_8495 IMG_8449 IMG_8422 copy IMG_8398 copy IMG_8356 copy IMG_8342 copy IMG_8338 copyimage (2) copyimage (3) copy


You can purchase your Beachy Keen Bikini/Tankini here.

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  1. Sarah Helene says:

    OH, MY! so many little cuties/girls in swimsuits! “BEACHY KEEN Bikini/Tankini” pattern, that is! Indeed, W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L photos and such variety in fabrics and colors for all these “testers” — moms sewing for their little girls. My favorite is mom, Karen’s flounce bright turquoise & deep purple tankini for her girl. THANKS for sharing. Sarah Helene in Minneapolis

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